Gold smart plus

To help make your business easier with the management system for trading, trading, saving gold, inventories, consignment or similar transactions, interest, redemption and increase the efficiency of work with RFID, barcode, smart reader system. card, by gold shop management system (Comprehensive Gold Shop Program)

Project Overview

Simplify your business by managing, trading, trading and increasing efficiency with RFID, barcode, smart card readers.


RFID has an advantage over barcode systems in that it does not require reading data at eye level. because the radio transmission thus making it more convenient


Barcode systems can store a large amount of important information. Therefore, the barcode system is widely used in the retail business. Inventory related business industrial production system


  • Buy-sell at the SKU level
  • Our system can store purchase-sell information at the SKU level.

  • Support for consignment and pledge sales
  • Support for consignment and pledge transactions using relevant laws to apply

  • Real-time information support system
  • Retrieve trading prices from the Gold Association in Real-time